Family and Children Tax Planning

The best tax advice for all the family

Our family and children tax planning advice will help you with your financial planning and your capital tax obligations.

Every member of your family is entitled to tax allowances and certain reliefs from birth. Knowing what these are, and how they might benefit the whole family, can be an important part of your overall approach to financial planning. It can also be a great way of limiting your capital tax obligations, which is where we can help.

We will give you advice on the best options for your children, based on your specific family situation and tax allowances available. We can also take care of your children’s own tax issues over time and can even advise on the best pension strategies available from birth to adulthood.

Our advice will take into account all aspects of how you can manage your family’s combined capital tax obligations and will include things such as:

  • Children’s tax allowances in relation to your business profit strategy
  • The use of family trusts
  • School and university fees planning
  • Investments and savings planning for children
  • Benefits of owning property whilst in education
  • Tax opportunities when planning for major events, such as weddings
  • Planning for work abroad.

Please visit our ‘Trust and Inheritance Tax Planning advice’ page for further advice

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