Payroll Services for Companies in London & Surrey

Why Outsource Payroll?

Payroll is an essential requirement, but one that can be time-consuming and problematic for many businesses.

The recent introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) appeared to make life easier but now the complexities are causing problems.  Late and incorrect disclosure fines are being issued and it’s now a hot potato.

Another burning coal is the Auto-enrolment pension regime which comes with the threat of criminal prosecution if a scheme is not set up and run properly.

We are proud to say that our clients are not faced with these issues.

Our team have many years’ experience of managing both simple and complex payrolls. They run payrolls and auto-enrolment schemes for small one man businesses through to large quoted companies throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Regardless of size, every client benefits from the attention to detail that they need to get the staff paid correctly and on time.  We don’t go home until your job is done.

Our computerised bureau can cope with a payroll in virtually any configuration.

  • Clients deliver payroll data either from time sheets or in a summary. They get back payroll reports and payslips along with a file to pay staff online.
  • There are online payslips to speed delivery a BACS service to pay directly to staff’s bank accounts and expenses and dividend payments can be incorporated into the payroll run.
  • We run some clients CIS returns alongside their payroll.
  • Most payrolls are delivered online but they can also be faxed or sent by post.
  • We can even prepare the journal entries for you to post the payroll to your accounting system.
  • Payrolls can be run weekly, monthly or at any regular interval even annually.
  • The burdensome P11d’s can be completed for you, or perhaps we can get you an HMRC dispensation from completing them.
  • We even chase you up to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Throughout the year the payroll department will answer your queries however small and if they are really complex they have the back-up from Wellden Turnbull’s specialist tax department.  Most clients use our other tax and accounting services and the information can be shared to avoid delays.

It is a simple process to take over your payroll.  It can be done at any time and if we take over part way through the year we check that the current workings are correct.  The fees are agreed in advance and collected by direct debit each month

Payroll is changing all the time and getting more complex we make it easy so you can spend more time running your business.

Frequently asked questions

Is transferring payroll providers a complicated process?

No, it’s actually fairly simple to change payroll providers. Our first move is to establish how your current system functions so that we can work out the necessary steps. We can then begin taking staff data and populating it in our system. If you have another external payroll provider, we can work directly with them to transfer you over to our system.

How long does a transfer of services take?

This can vary quite significantly depending on the complexity of your current system, as well as the nature of your payroll – including issues such as whether employees are salary-based or not. When we have had the chance to understand your needs and requirements, we will be in a position to provide a more accurate idea.

Does transferring payroll providers need to occur at the start of a tax year?

No, not necessarily. A payroll transfer can take place at any time during the tax year – we can ensure that we take over your payroll services quickly.

Can payroll run weekly rather than monthly?

Yes, we can setup your payroll to run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly – or at any regularly interval that suits your business and your team.

Can staff conduct you directly regarding payroll?

Yes, we can deal with queries no matter how small they are. This can be managed with individuals or with a specific member of your team.

Do we have to commit to a lengthy contract with your payroll services?

This can be based on the needs and requirements of your business. We are happy to work based around you.

Our payroll system is quite complex, can you handle it?

We use a computerised bureau which allows us to deal with virtually any configuration of payroll.