Summer Budget Summary 2015

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Free from the constraints of coalition government George Osborne has just delivered his second budget of the year, and the first Conservative budget in almost two decades.

In this Summer Budget, Mr. Osborne has set-out to implement some of the Tory party’s election pledges, whilst revealing the full scale of cuts ahead for both public services and welfare payments.

Recognising that not everything within this budget is necessarily of relevance or importance, Wellden Turnbull Director ‘Robin John’ took a moment to summarise what the measures could mean for you and your business, including the following:

  1. Dividend Tax
  2. Effective Tax Rate
  3. Non-Domiciled Individuals
  4. Foreign Owned Residential Property
  5. Tax Depreciation for Goodwill
  6. Buy-To-Let Landlords

Click on the video above to hear what Robin John has to say about the Summer Budget.