Government announces red tape reviews

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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills will launch reviews into cutting red tape in 5 key sectors, Business Secretary Sajid Javid has announced.

The reviews will be the first step in Conservative plans to reduce regulation by £10 billion over the next 5 years. The government is calling on businesses to voice their opinions about how deregulation could improve the productivity of British businesses and make the economy more efficient.

The 5 sectors identified by the government are:

  • Energy
    A review will look at government Ofgem’s role in the sector. Energy companies will be asked to provide their views on regulations including licensing arrangements.
  • Agriculture
    The government wants to reduce the amount of time it takes farmers to report on the health of their animals.
  • Care homes
    Businesses working the care home sector can be subject to different inspection regimes, with small homes of 30 residents dealing with 7 different state agencies. A review will look into how the system can be more efficient.
  • Waste
    A review will look into how regulations impact the sector. It will attempt to identify and remove obstacles to sector growth while maintaining human and environmental standards.
  • Mineral extraction
    Sector businesses have complained that some of the strict planning and environmental regulations should be simplified and better-coordinated with regulators.

The results of these reviews will be used to build upon measures related to regulation included in May’s Enterprise Bill such as making the primary authority scheme simpler and making regulators contribute more.

Small businesses can submit their thoughts on the reviews by posting comments to the Cutting Red Tape website, using social media, email or via the postal address listed on the site.

Business Secretary Javid said:

“I am determined to take the brakes off British businesses and set them free from heavy-handed regulators. The government’s pledge to cut £10 billion in red tape over the course of this parliament will help create more jobs for working people, boost productivity and keep our economy growing.

“For the first time, these reviews will look not only at the rules themselves but the way they are enforced. We want firms to tell us where red tape is holding them back and help us make Britain the best place in Europe to start and grow a business.”

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