Business growing pains

Accounting and work

Establishing and growing a business is exciting, but familiar problems often occur along the way as the business expands. Don’t worry; most businesses experience these challenges at some point.

Common growing pains:

  1. Overworking – This is the most common problem in a company that’s growing quickly. A lack of work-life balance is dangerous and can lead to stress and even physical illness. Review efficiency and determine the best way to become a well organised business. This may include hiring additional staff, or restructuring and streamlining the work of existing employees.
  2. Hiring the right people – It is crucial to hire the right people, someone who can do the job required, fit in with your culture and get along with the team. It is important to have good job descriptions and always carry out a thorough interviewing process.
  3. Working towards the same goal – Every business should have a companywide strategic plan which addresses both short and long term goals. This strategy should be communicated to everyone, ensuring all employees understand how they contribute to the company’s goal.
  4. Communication struggles – As your team grows, communication becomes harder, but it also becomes more important. You will need to keep a handle on your employees by ensuring you communicate regularly and information is filtered down from managers to their teams.
  5. Systems and technology – the informality that might work with one or two employees and a handful of customers won’t work in a growing business. It is important to invest in the right systems and have documented policies and procedures in place.  This is particularly important with regard to employment procedures

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