Retail and Wholesale

We give you expert help in these difficult sectors

The retail and wholesale sectors have always been very competitive business environments to operate in, but with the rapid growth of digital marketing, telephone sales, e-commerce, and overseas competition, businesses in these sectors need sound financial advice and the support of a team of professionals.

Over the past 80 years not only have we accumulated invaluable experience, we have also seen various market trends come and go. We also know that having a team of knowledgeable financial professionals is an invaluable asset in what have been historically difficult market sectors

Many of our Wellden Turnbull team have clients in both the retail and wholesale sectors so fully understand the specific needs of those businesses.

We know you need real-time, proactive advice on how to reach your overall business objectives. We will also help you maximise your profitability through improvements in your stock control, purchase re-ordering, and reconciliation procedures, and where appropriate advise on the installation of computerised systems to make your business more efficient.

Perhaps the biggest bane of a retailer’s life is the stringent demands of the VAT regime. We take that hassle away from you. We will relieve you of a lot of unnecessary time and expense by advising you on the most appropriate VAT scheme, and handling your VAT planning and administration. You can then continue to focus on your business.

Whether you are a small shopkeeper, a high street retailer, a mail order company or an Internet trader, we will take great pride in helping you achieve your business targets.