Waste Management and Recycling


Waste management and recycling becomes more relevant with every year, government legislation and landfill levies mean that companies need to think differently about how they handle incoming waste.  The majority of solutions involve a high level of capital investment, and a significant cash flow pressure.  Wellden Turnbull works with small and medium companies to help them finance and maintain mission critical equipment, as well as introducing a fresh approach to grow reputation and improve financial health.

Financial Management and Cash flow

One of the major concerns of any business owner is paying the bills, and most people we talk to know they should have a cash reserve.  In a highly seasonal industry like waste management and recycling, it is vital to have something put aside to cover the costs during the winter downturn. With ever growing costs, and high cash investment, a successful company will budget and forecast on a monthly basis.

We can help you improve your financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting.  This will give you the information you need to make decisions, rather than being stuck with surprise bills, and the stress of how to pay them.

Virtual FD
Virtual Finance Director

The benefit of having a qualified, focused financial advisor is that they should pay for themselves in sound financial advice, but a full time Finance Director is an expensive investment, and for growing companies, an expense that few can afford.   Wellden Turnbull can step in with a Virtual Finance Director solution which will give you the advice and and guidance needed to manage the day to day finances, without the overhead of a full time salary.

Tax planning

Wellden Turnbull has a prestige reputation for intelligent tax planning and expert tax advice.  Our specialist tax department boasts highly qualified, experienced tax advisors who are used to dealing with the UK tax regime and international tax affairs.   The waste management and recycling sector is under constant scrutiny from the government and tax inspectors. We have a great deal of success in assisting companies keeping their tax affairs straight to allow them to focus on whats important.


Sale, Purchase, Succession and Retirement

After spending years building a business with a reputation, repeat custom and a significant asset base, it may be time to consider enjoying the fruits of your labour.  Waste Management and Recycling companies are unique in the way they are started – most come from strong minded entrepreneurs who are looking to build a legacy rather than a business to sell.  If it is time for a new project, or simply moving on to a comfortable retirement Wellden Turnbull can help you value, and introduce you to potential buyers as well as help with the entire process.

Many companies have a management team in place that have all the know how needed to make a transition of ownership nearly invisible.  This circumstance has the added benefit of securing any stages payouts. We can assist with management buyouts, as well as remuneration packages to allow you to pass your business to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner.

Land, especially in the south east, is a premium asset.  The majority of suitable sites for waste management and recycling operations are already developed, or involve expensive and lengthy planning hurdles, it is easier to source established businesses to expand your operation, we are experienced in helping raise finance and vet potential businesses to ensure they are the best fit for your operations.