HMRC Tax Investigations

Removing the stress of an HMRC tax investigation

You may never have had an HMRC tax investigation. However given the government are always putting HMRC under pressure to collect more tax, the chances are you may come under the Inland Revenues microscope at some point.

One thing is for sure; detailed enquiries from the tax authorities cause stress and anxiety. An HMRC tax investigation can also take up a great deal of your time if not dealt with correctly, so that’s where we can help you.

We specialise in resolving tax investigations, tax enquires, tax disputes and conflicts with HMRC and we will help alleviate the worry of any such investigation.

The technical expertise within our Tax team is second to none. The team is led by one of our Directors Robin John FCA CTA who has a wealth of experience, including that gained as a Tax Partner for a ‘Big Four Practice’.

Ways in which our Tax team will help you include:

Preparing disclosure reports as required under Code of Practice 9 / Contractual Disclosure Facility (suspected serious tax fraud) and preparing unprompted disclosure reports.

  • Resolving tax investigations being conducted under Code of Practice 8 (tax avoidance)
  • Providing advice in relation to the new tax tribunal system and appeal hearings
  • We can help with negotiating tax penalties or other elements of a tax investigation
  • Helping individuals, partnerships, offshore trusts or onshore trusts deal with tax enquires
  • Working with other professionals to achieve a settlement on behalf of mutual clients
  • Dealing with disputes and conflicts with HMRC

Once the investigation has been dealt with satisfactorily, we will then look to the future with you.

We prepare regular and detailed tax planning reports to show where your future tax exposure may lie. We can then advise on possible planning and tax saving strategies as required.

As part of an annual wealth and income planning review, we will keep your tax liabilities to a legitimate minimum.