HMRC Distraint Order

Have you have been given an HMRC Distraint Order?

If you have been issued with an HMRC Distraint Order or perhaps you’ve been served with an Asset Freezing Order pending the resolution of legal proceedings?. In both instances all is not lost, but you clearly need help, and fast.

That’s where we come in.

We have extensive experience and expertise in helping businesses and individuals resolve these very difficult situations. We have helped many people in the past, and we can help you.

HMRC Distraint Order – You have been handed an EF1 Notice of Distraint leaflet.

This will state that HMRC will seize your possessions and arrange for them to be sold at public auction. The HMRC Distraint Order give you two stark choices:

That you sign the Distraint Notice and if payment is not made within five days an auctioneer will take your possessions away for sale.


You decide not to sign and HMRC will take the goods immediately.

Furthermore, these options may seem draconian, causing you a great deal of stress. You’ll also be worrying about time lost running your business and the sheer embarrassment of this kind of action. HMRC have extensive powers to assist them in the collection of taxes due, and when things get to this stage they mean business.

However, this does not mean there are no options open to you. What those options are will depend on what other debts you have and what assets you own. We can often resolve these seemingly impossible situations.

Moving forward, and when the dust has settled our Tax Department will assist you with a variety of services designed to make your business life much easier and hopefully more profitable.

So in any event we would urge you to get in touch today, either by e-mail or better still by calling 01932 868 444. Arrange you ‘free, no obligation’ meeting. We are here to help you.

HMRC Distraint Order