Other information that we require to complete your tax return

Please provide details of all of income or gains, including:


  • income from investments, such as shares, bonds, bank deposit accounts and so on;
  • any one-off income amounts you have received, for example commissions, even though these may not come from your regular employment;
  • any rents or other income that you receive from property;
  • proceeds from the disposal of life insurance policies: the insurance company will normally provide a “chargeable events certificates”. Please attach a copy of this;
  • details of any assets that you have disposed of, including shares, investments, any interest in real estate and so on; and
  • if you have received any income, or realised any gain, that has suffered tax outside the UK, please provide full details of that tax as you may be entitled to credit against your UK tax.

You should include details of income or gains arising anywhere in the world, in any currency, regardless of whether the proceeds have been brought into the UK, even if that income or gain has been taxed in a foreign jurisdiction.


Offshore companies and trusts 

If you own shares in a non-UK company (other than as part of an investment portfolio), or if you have ever put any money into a non-UK company or trust, please provide full details, unless you are sure that we already have these. If you are not sure that we have the details, please provide them.