Thinking about retirement?

Retirement planning is as important as ever

For many people retirement plans have been affected by falls in stock markets, low interest rates on savings and poor annuity rates.  Retirement planning is as important as ever.

There are a raft of new measures relating to the buy out of annuities from 6 April 2016. These changes will enable greater access to pension funds and remove the obligation to invest in an annuity.

We will guide you through this maze and can discuss related areas such as:

  • Pension contributions and tax relief
  • Qualifying for a state pension
  • The level of pension premiums
  • Stakeholder pensions
  • Pension credit
  • State pension deferral

We will help you take control of your finances and you can enhance your chances of future prosperity by downloading one of our planning guides. They will take you through the essentials of financial planning, from using your personal tax reliefs to making a will.

Failing to plan is like planning to fail – start here to look at key planning opportunities for your retirement.


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