Problems with the taxman?

Problems with the taxman ? We’ll remove the stress of a tax investigation

We know that even the most careful of Self-Employed/MD Owners will come under the Inland Revenues microscope at some point. You may still encounter problems with the taxman. You may think you have everything in order, but it’s still true to say that detailed enquiries from the tax authorities can still cause stress and anxiety.

An HMRC tax investigation will also take up a great deal of your time if not dealt with correctly.

  • When the tax man cometh, do you want peace of mind? Of course you do!
  • If you are already in dispute with HMRC would you not feel more comfortable having our wealth of experience in dealing with these matters on your side? We think you probably would.
  • If you have incurred tax penalties would you like an expert to negotiate on your behalf? Possibly…
  • Do you really want this headache and stress? Probably not.

We specialise in resolving tax investigations, tax enquires, tax disputes and conflicts with HMRC.

We are here to help alleviate the worry of any such investigation so that you can focus on more positive things in your business and personal life.