We make it easy for you to switch to us

Thinking about changing accountant? – We make the switch easy

Many business owners believe that having selected an accountant, and then stayed with them for a number of years, it is simply too difficult to switch. Changing accountant is much easier than you think.

The reality is we make it easy for you to  switch to Wellden Turnbull.

There will be a number of reasons why you may wish to change to us:

  • We have been recommended to you by one of our satisfied clients
  • Your current firm of accountants seem out of touch with your overall objectives
  • Perhaps they are too small for your growing company and that they cannot support you as your business grows.
  • Or you feel they are too large, treating you as just another client, rather than an individual with specific needs.
  • It could be that the level of service is simply not what you were promised, or indeed what you and your business deserve.
  • Worse still, you may have been given advice by your present advisors that has cost you money.

So what is your next step?

Meet with us for an initial discussion during which we can outline in more detail the ‘hassle free’ changeover process that we provide to ensure a smooth handover.

Finally we are governed by the ICAEW Guide to Professional Ethics, as is your current accountant, so they are obliged to respond to our professional enquiry to take on your engagement.