Buying or selling a business?

Buying or selling a business? We are your experts.

If you want to expand your business through a merger or acquisition, you should turn to the experts. At Wellden Turnbull we will help you make the most of this complex and time-consuming process. We will advise on all aspects of buying or selling a business.

We will help you identify suitable candidate companies. From the financial and operational due diligence, to developing a negotiating strategy. Our expert advice will ensure that you pay the right price every time.

We can also advise on potential sources of funding and assist with preparing and presenting financial proposals. We will also work with you during the negotiation process.

After the acquisition is completed, we will also help with the integration process. This will ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.

On the other hand if you are looking to sell your business, our team can assess its value and help prepare it for sale.

We will work with you to find suitable buyers and negotiate the sale, ensuring this is timed to minimise your tax exposure and make the most of tax saving opportunities thus saving you money.