Business growing pains?

Business growing pains? – We will make life easier for you.

Establishing a business can be exciting, but familiar problems often occur as your business grows. You will probably experience business growing pains as time goes on. The good news is that we have a wealth of experience and expertise in helping businesses just like yours.

Perhaps for you running a business seems more like fighting one fire after another. Maybe you get unpleasant surprises, or that you don’t have the information at your fingertips you need to make important decisions.

You may even feel that you are not making as much profit as your time and effort deserve.

At Wellden Turnbull we view these as classic growing pains, so don’t worry – most businesses have them at some point.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then come and talk to us as we have the answers for you:

  • Do you spend too much time working in the business?
  • Is too much of your time spent running around solving mundane problems?
  • Are you working harder, without seeing the effort translated into increased earnings?
  • Is too much of your time spent reacting to events, rather than being pro-active with strategy and planning?

You are by no means alone if you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions.

Fortunately we have a wealth of experience amongst our team to help you resolve these issues, and ease the pain.